Since 1958, we take care of the soil that nourishes our future.

Giorgi has developed different technological alternatives to plant all kinds of seeds in the different situations of soil and coverage, providing the expected agronomic response: A good planting.

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In the 1920s, Santos and Quinto Giorgi, born in Ripe San Ginesio, an Italian region of Le Marche, migrate to Fuentes, Santa Fe province after the First World War. During the 1930s decade, in their own workshop, they began to repair and transform agricultural machines, mostly imported ones with heavy usage. Planting and cultivation of corn, one of the main agricultural activities of that time, leads to their development of different types of row units and other accessories for existing seeders. Taking into consideration the agricultural farmers needs they also begin to manufacture 3 bodies' corn weeding hoes.

Our history

On April 29th of 1958, Giorgi & Co. S.R.L was founded; a small society integrated by Santos and Quintos' sons together with other investors, the company was directed by Alberto Giorgi and Nicolás Trossero, who bought the family workshop. In 1960 the first model of a planting machine for thick seeds was manufactured, the G/1 model, which had 5 seeding bodies at 28 inches. They also invented the first logo for the growing brand.



Throughout this decade, a wide variety of double action type disk harrows were manufactured. In 1962 they update the planting machines design with the G1-4 model, innovating in the chassis and seeding bodies. Reaching the decade end, they created the Thin Seeds Planting Machines COMBI-SPECIAL in 24 and 28 bodies, for cereals and pastures.

The Vertical tillage appeared and Giorgi revolutionizes the market with another innovation, the chisel plow, a family of products created to soil conservation. In these years, the seeding and cultivation grow rapidly. In 1972 the company obtained its current name: Giorgi S.A.

The Thick Seeds Planting Machine design is renewed, from 5 to 9 articulated bodies and they add accessories to use the machine as a Cultivator. They called these new models SGA, they equipped them with automatic and hydraulic lifts. They began to operate in bordering countries: Uruguay and Bolivia.

We incorporate a broad variety of Field Cultivators, to optimize the seedbed, after we had prepared the soil properly.

A new Thick Seed Planting Machine design was presented, the SGA model with 10 articulated bodies and a transportable chassis, also it had a central cart; the first Argentinean seeder with top-line technology.

A simultaneous launch of three products: fold-up disk harrow G-2000, offset disk harrow G-3000 and the Thick Seeds Planting Machine LA EXACTA model, the first 2 modules version Argentinean Planting Machine.

During this year a new Row Crop Cultivator was developed; the CB of 6 to 8 bodies' models and the CP of 9 to 15 bodies with foldable spoilers.

The Thick Seeds Planting Machines range of products became the EXACTA-"VERSIÓN 90", with new changes in the seeding bodies, with double leveled wheels among other changes.

With the achieved experience in the chassis' modular designs, a new Thin Seeds Planting Machines family was created, the G-4000 models; with 20, 40 and 60 bodies and the G-5000 models; with 25, 50 and 75 bodies and with 1,2, or 3 modules version.

In this year, we incorporate the Pneumatic Distribution to the Thick Seeds Planting Machines, installing the MONOSEM (Frances) Pneumatic System.

The new Thick Seeds Planting Machines appeared, with newer accessories for Simple and Double Fertilization, the G-6000 models. The first planting machines with 30 bodies with a 20.5 Inches separation in 3 modules were invented.

GIORGI participates in the Direct Seeding National Championship, in Expochacra 1998, and obtaining the 1st title of DIRECT SEEDING NATIONAL CHAMPION, with the G6000 of 9 bodies between 20.5 inches planting machine.

The new demands of the Direct Seeding, introduce mandatory changes in the Thick Seeds Planting Machines. Adding front blades and new disks for 'independent´ lateral fertilization, inventing the PRECISA 8000 model.

A new development in Thin Seeds Planting Machines – Fertilizing Machines for Pastures was presented; the D-10 model, with top-line designs in their planting bodies and hoppers.

This year we began to broadcast the Direct Seeding technique through Europe, adapting it to different soil conditions and obeying Europe's regulations in security and transport.

Towards the end of this year, in coincidence with the 45th Anniversary, we showed the PRECISA 8000-HG, the first Thick Seeds Planting Machine with 39 bodies with a 20.5 inches separation, largest so far in Argentina.

We continue to innovate with a new Thick Seeds Planting Machine, the PRECISA8000-Q, with 32 bodies separated by 20.5 inches. The first machine in Argentina with a 4 modules chassis for irregular soils.

We were the first Argentinean Company to reach Eastern Europe (Ukraine and Russia) with the Direct Seed technology. We adapt the D-10 (Thin Seeds) and PRECISA 8000 (Thick Seeds) models to their soils and needs. From the experience and results obtained with the 32 bodies planting machine, we design a new PRECISA 8000 model, in 4 modules, now with 40 bodies separated between 20.5 inches.

In 2006, with the development of the PRECISA 70/35 and the PRECISA 52/40 machines, we offer a complete range of products to cover all the options of grooves distances, according to each need.

During this year we incorporate a new range of Thin Seeds Planting Machines – Fertilizing Machines. The D-10*TOTAL model, which from the D-10 line we add a Front Blades kit.

In 2010, the PRECISA 8000 17.21 x 20.5 inches was created, it has 4 modules that reaches the 23 mts wide. A unique seeder in the market.

From a new and more compact development of the seeding train, we launch the Thick and Thin Seeds Planting Machines – Fertilizing Machines, the PRECISA 17/70 model, which enables the planting distribution of the different species, with separations ranging from 6.57; 13.25; 20.35 and 27.9 inches.

With a the new objective to perform different tasks in specific situations, we incorporate the Soil Decompactor – Subsoiler – Fertilizer – DS-5000, which has many configurations and accessories.

A new record makes us WIDE; we create the Thick Seeds Planting Machine – Fertilizing Machine PRECISA 8000, with 50 bodies by 20.5 inches and a 5 modules chassis. Enables a seeding average of 20 hectare per hour, and a speed of 4.97 m/ph.

Fulfilling several agricultural needs, we created 3 new models for Thick and Thin Planting Machines – Fertilizing Machines to broad the market in configurations and usage; the PRECISA 9000, PRECISA 90-52/40 and PRECISA 90-70/35. These new machines are equipped with the compact seeding bodies of the PRECISA 17/70.

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Giorgi Agricultural Machinery

Giorgi has developed different technological alternatives to plant all kinds of seeds in the different situations of soil and coverage, providing the expected agronomic response: A good planting.

GIORGI S.A. works to:

  • Reconciling agriculture and the environment.
  • Lead to the preservation of nature.
  • Get good crops.
  • Claiming the paradigms for a greener and more production field.
  • Spend fewer resources and achieve higher profits.
  • Increase the generation of food.

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